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Industrial automation

The modern production market can not be competitive without using the latest achievements. Today any manufacturing industry does not without the ACS: It is the process automation that helps to increase production volumes, optimize resource costs and, accordingly, maximize returns and get more profits.

Implementing projects on industrial automation, our company performs the following stages:

  • Inspection of the facility and justification of the need to create ACS (automatic control systems);
  • Formation of the customer’s requirements to the ACS;
  • Preparation of the work completion report and applications for the development of automation control systems.


Facility inspection, data collection, development of design and detailed documentation, assembly production, installation, commissioning, warranty, and post-warranty service.

  1. Performing the inspection of machines, mechanisms and process lines with the preparation and issuance of inspection reports.
  2. Technical evaluation of the offers of equipment suppliers for compliance with the developed technical solutions.