Our company has begun its commercial operations in 2012

We are a team of high qualified professionals, constantly improving their skills in their profession. The team that daily helps our customers to solve the most complex and sometimes difficult to implement and non-standard tasks. The team that puts tasks for implementing the customer's project at the first place by developing design documentation for him and helping him to find the optimal technical solution.

The team that knows how to develop design documentation for the process automation and is further able to charge itself with the process of implementing this project, ie to think of the customer, about his time in advance and to provide him with a fully operational facility, taking over the supply of equipment, assembly and adjustment, installation and commissioning. The team that thinks about the future and takes care of the safe operation of the customer's production facilities.

We create systems that allow continuous monitoring of equipment and increasing of production efficiency through a flexible maintenance management system, based on the actual state of the equipment. For many years, we are offering complex task solutions to the customer at a high process level, reducing costs and delivery times.